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Composer with handicap

My friends do not wonder about me anymore. If I can´t find my dictating machine I just sing a song into the telephone answering machine and put in a reminder "do not erase". A fatal error when writing songs is that a melody pops into one´s mind only once and - if you like me are not able to write down the notes, the song is lost forever.

My greatest handicap in writing songs is that I do not know how to play the piano. The circle of fifths only gives me a headache. My college professors taught me to concentrate on my voice as my instrument. I couldn´t really read the bass clef. During my studies this was not a problem. My good grades were earned onstage. Twice in my life I had tried to coordinate the keys on the piano: once in a girl´s boarding school where music was the major subject and one last time during my college studies. My conclusion is: There are enough gifted pianists on this planet I don´t want to take away their work.