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When the muffins started to walk ...

One day, I was sitting at my dining room table. As usual, many small pieces of paper were lying on the red lacquered table cloth. I pushed the paper heap to the side in order to make more space. In the background, the TV was running. The news anchor was reporting on the latest news. I took a ballpoint pen and an empty sheet of paper and began to write: "Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Juliana Renino. She lived in a small village, deep in the Black Forest and dreamed of the great wide world and of a big fortune."  

Suddenly, a song came to me:
My father´s small dictating machine was lying on my sideboard. I literally jumped at it, took the machine into my hands and began to sing the melody and lyrics into it. And, that was just the beginning. One song after the other welled up in me in no time. I wasn’t able to write fast enough to catch the ideas that were flowing out.
The Miracle Muffins were born. They danced and sang:
The third song was born. Immediately afterwards, Julie sang with Mr. Donut. This song combination was in the little black "box". I wrote the lyrics in English and the story in German.
While I was feverishly taking notes, I noticed that I had run out of paper. I rummaged in my heap of papers - to no avail. Then I looked under the table and found a large bakery bag. Now it was time for the title song, Miss Muffin. The timing was perfect since at that point the topic was baked goods. So I continued to write and record my ideas.
Immediately, a counter melody sprung up. A canon was born. This song combination was also recorded on my small recording machine. Ever since, I have guarded it like the apple of my eye.
This continued throughout the evening ... until late into the night. I wrote and sang ... one song after the other. In the end, I had composed twenty-three songs. The day was over and the late night news on TV wished everyone a good night.