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With God in the German Guinnes Book

One day after the glorious evening of songwriting I sat down at my computer and typed in everything.
It was only then that I really became aware that this was absolutely astounding:
I had composed 23 songs with lyrics and melody in just four hours.

"No one will believe me," I told my former colleague Andrea Ebinger.

"Indeed Miss Renz, they will."
Mrs. Ebinger was the nicest, funniest and most helpful colleague of all times.

I took a chance and surfed in the internet on ways to apply for a world record in the Guinness Book of Records. Just out of fun and curiosity I wrote to them. And, privately, I had prayed, "Jesus, if you really want to bless a lot of people with the Miss Muffin Project, I need an entry into the Guinness Book of Records!" In addition I had to name three witnesses, which I fortunately had. One girlfriend whom I had called non-stop during my "heavenly experience" in that extraordinary night, to whom I had sung the new songs, confirmed this.

The second witness was the organ player of my church, who later tried to write the notes for all the songs. And last but not least there was Josef Grgic, one of our former cement mixer drivers and his wife, who happened to drive by my house while I was having my heavenly inspiration. As it turned out, he owned a recording studio. Later on, he recorded all songs, which eased my mind. A heavy burden was taken from my spirit and my heart.

When I came home one late evening, I found a large white envelope in my mailbox. The postal-stamp showed that the envelope was from Hamburg. "Just another one of these junk-mail letters" I thought to myself as walked to my apartment.

On the way up the stairs, I opened the envelope and found the following notice:
"Respected record holder, congratulations, we have recognized your record and herby forward you the certificate that testifies to your record.
We have bindingly recorded your record into the German Guinness Book of Records of 2001"!