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Baking soda (sodium hydroxide) the baking agent

After I published my first Muffin baking book, "Jutta´s Muffins," many baking fans wanted to know the story behind the baking soda. Like ammonium carbonate, baking soda is a baking agent, which causes the muffins to become fluffy and light. Our grandmothers used baking soda in their households for all sorts of purposes. Our Swabian pretzels are also coated with sodium hydroxide. According to the legend, the Swabian pretzel was created as follows: A baker’s cat jumped on the baking table and accidentally pushed a pretzel into the baker’s cleaning bucket that contained sodium hydroxide. Baking soda (sodium hydroxide) is a known cleaning agent. So, as so often in life, the pretzel was born by pure "chance"!