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Muffins & Cupcakes – What´s the difference?

As "Miss Muffin" I am often asked what "strictly speaking" is the difference between muffins and cupcakes. Both have about the same shape - the biggest difference lies in the ingredients and the method of production. Simply put - in the preparation of the dough.



My muffin recipes only call for 1 (one) egg. Eggs dry out the dough. In addition, I use mostly brown sugar, sour milk products (such as buttermilk, sour cream, yogurt etc.) and fruits or vegetables of all kinds. This makes the muffins very moist! Especially muffins made with vegetables and fruits continue to have a fresh and juicy taste for a few days.


When making muffins, the dry ingredients are always mixed separately from the moist ingredients. When the dry ingredients are added to the moist ingredients, the dry ingredients are only folded into the moist ingredients. This dough should only be stirred briefly and gently. This is the most important rule for baking muffins. The muffin dough may not be beaten very long since this will make the muffins hard and dry.



The cupcake dough is always made with several eggs and a larger amount of fat, such as (butter or margarine). In addition, the amount of liquid is rather minimal. Cupcakes never contain fruit or vegetables in the dough. However, when making cupcakes, it is a MUST to have a beautiful and sumptuous decoration and to crown the small cakes with a thick layer of sugar sweet "icing". Fruits and berries are often used for decoration.


The dough is always beaten until smooth with a mixer. Like the dough for a sponge cake or marble cake mixture, it is mixed for a relatively long time. This is absolutely forbidden when making muffins. Often the eggs are separated, and the egg-white is beaten until stiff – this is an absolute "NO-NO" when preparing muffin dough.

Notice of the Author:

Muff cakes - the new creation

I have to admit, that in the USA and Canada muffins are rarely covered with glaze or cream. In the land of boundless opportunities and impossibilities, they are categorized as "breads". One example is the simple cake known as "banana bread". My experience here in Germany is that cupcakes - like traditional cakes - are well suitable for special events, such as weddings, etc. They are an eye-catcher! The preparation of muffins is a lot faster. That is why muffins are also baked and eaten with pleasure. They are simply not so fatty and sweet, and are therefore not so rich in calories and easily digestible.

Since muffins are also a feast for the eyes, I have included an icing or decoration example for most of my muffin recipes. This is always an option. You can decorate if you like. It is up to you. So now we have muffins that look like cupcakes. Now you have very nicely decorated muffins, which may look like cupcakes. You may now call them "muff cakes".

As a child I grew up somewhat isolated because of our location and had no friends at all. I lived as you might imagine in my own little world. I had to occupy my time with something. Looking back, no matter how difficult things appeared to be, it made me stronger. As an author and self- employed person, I now know that that period in my life was good to me. I have to keep on thinking about new concepts and ideas. All bad things of the past (and often in the present) have something positive about them. From an apparent weakness, a real strength can be developed. Glory to God alone!

To whet your interest for baking these delicious muffins, I want to tempt you with some easy and tasty recipes on the following pages.