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Jutta Renz - Miss Muffin®

Dear Reader, As I sat in the plane heading back home to Germany in 1987, I had a vision: Germany needs muffins! I had gotten to know and love these cakes during my college years. During that particular period, the time for muffins was not quite ripe yet. Somehow, my dream died down for a while. Then, after seven long years, it finally came true. When I self-published the first German Muffin baking book, "Jutta´s Muffins", in December 1995, I was stunned by the sudden "muffin boom" which I definitely had not expected. It was a blessing in disguise. As always, the beginning was not so simple since no one knew exactly what these small cakes would lead to. I am very grateful to my father Bernhard Renz for the inherited genes. We have one thing in common: We are entrepreneurs and simply cannot resist implementing an idea. My father worked in the construction business. One day, I read the following phrase: "You can build beautiful things with stumbling blocks"! On the site of our construction company, the drums of the cement mixers were turning. In my kitchen, I let the batter-bowl turn. The guiding principle of the creative power that accompanies my father until today is: "Men, we must go on fighting!" My Muffin motto: "Women, we must go on baking…" The "muffin wave" really came from the country that knows no boundaries to us here in Europe. At one point, even the large publishers became aware of me, and several Muffin baking books entered German households in the thousands, from one day to the next. Until today, I am very grateful to the Weltbild publishing company from Augsburg, Gräfe & Unzer Verlag publishing house from Munich, and the Edition XXL publisher from Fränkisch-Crumbach for their support. Without them, Germany would have most likely been a dozen Muffin books poorer.